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Dog Walking South Bay is available to walk dogs and do pet visits on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. If you need a dog walked or fed in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach this holiday season please contact us.

This Saturday January 18th in Baldwin Park the LA Spay/Neuter Festival is offering Free Spaying/Neutering for Los Angeles Pet Owners. Free micro-chipping and vaccinations are also available.

See details and make appointments at

Dog Walking South Bay is a Hermosa Beach dog walking and pet care service.


Thanksgiving is only a week away. Around the holidays dog walkers and pet sitters are extremely busy. So book your holiday dog walking and pet sitting soon. If you need a pet sitter in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach please let us know.

South Bay residents thinking of adopting a dog, should stop by the Adoptable Dogs Meet & Greet with WHISKERS & TAILS FOUNDATION
Sunday November 10, 20013 11:00AM – 02:00Pm
Redondo Beach, CA

South Bay dog lovers should check out the I love My Dog art exhibition at
The Palos Verdes Art Center  going on until January 5, 2014.
The exhibit examines the variety of ways that dogs have been depicted in the art world.  And pairs historical works with contemporary ones to show how attitudes towards dogs have changed over the past 200 years.

The Strand can be a fun place for social dogs to walk in Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach. Your dog will get a full spectrum of stimulating sights and smells. For this reason, The Strand is many dogs favorite place to walk in Manhattan Beach  and Hermosa. There are usually plenty of other friendly dogs and people to encounter. But if your dog is people shy or lunges at movement such as people on bikes or skateboards, The Strand probably isn’t the best place to walk your dog.  If your dog doesn’t walk well in crowds, you should probably avoid the strand, except in the early morning or at night. Especially during the summer when The Strand is usually busy much of the day.
When walking a dog on The Strand in Hermosa Beach or Manhattan Beach, dog owners needs to follow Los Angeles leash laws and have their dog on a leash that is less than 6 feet long.  Dog walkers are required to bring poop bags and clean up after their dogs. Also please remember that while it is tempting to give into your dog and let them out onto the beach, it is currently against the law to allow your dog onto the sand in Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach and can result in a costly fine.