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In the city of Los Angeles, whenever a dog leaves its property, it needs to be on a leash that is no longer than 6 feet. Many retractable leashes are longer than 6 feet. That is just one of several reasons dog owners in Los Angeles should not to use retractable leashes. If you are using a retractable leash that goes longer than 6 feet, the police can actually write you a ticket for not having your dog on a proper leash.

Besides not meeting legal requirements if they are past a certain length, retractable leashes provide several safety problems for dogs and their owners.
The longer the leash, the more speed your dog can build up pulling away from you. So retractable leashes because of their additional length and also because of their thinner design, allow your dog to pull away from you with much greater force. This makes it more likely that your dog will pull the handle out of your hands. If you lose your grip on the retractable leash, the big plastic handle will be projected at your dog at a high speed, causing your dog to run away even faster.

Another problem with retractable leashes is they teach dogs bad habits such as pulling on the leash to try to go wherever they want. Dog walkers have much more control with non retractable leashes.

Retractable leashes are also more dangerous to the people walking the dog, as they are more likely to cause cuts and burns on the dog walker.

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